Mike Warren Scholarship Fund Survey

A volunteer committee has been formed to determine whether it would be viable to establish a "Mike Warren Scholarship Fund" (MWSF).  Funding would depend on contributions made by members of the Moline High School Class of 1962.  Proceeds from the funds would be awarded annually to a Moline High School senior for a college scholarship.  The MWSF would be managed by The Moline Foundation and representatives of the MHS Class of 1962 would select recipiants.
The Moline Foundation has considerable experience in administering similar scholarship programs in the Quad City area.
The MWSF committee's first order of business is to determine if there would be enough interest and participation from classmates to make the fund viable.
The committee's contacts are Lana Jacobs and Stu Mott.  You can contact either one if you would like to express ideas or thoughts or wish to volunteer as a committee member.
Stu:  stuartmott89@gmail.com          Lana:  jake3263@yahoo.com

A FUND HAS NOT YET BEEN ESTABLISHED.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CONTRIBUTIONS until the mechinism for doing so has been set up, should that be the desire expressed by the results of this survey.

Please answer the survey questions to help the committee know whether to proceed and, if so, what guidelines would be appropriate.  Your cooperation will be very much appreciated.


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1)   Are you in favor of the MHS Class of 1962 establishing a scholarship fund in classmate Mike Warren's honor?

Yes No
2)   Would you be willing to monetarily contribute to such a scholarship?

Yes No
3)   Does the methodology for administering the fund as described above seem reasonable? (Managed by The Moline Foundation and a committee of class members)

Yes No
4)   Other concerns or explanations regarding the above questions: