Remember When

Those of us in the Class of 1962 who lived in Molette started our schooling in the fall of 1949.  We were bussed to Grant Grade School between 6th and 7th avenues at 25th street because Washington Grade School was not built yet. One of our kindergarten teachers, Miss Hargrove, became Mrs. Owen. Her class was invited to the wedding.

Going through a folder my mother kept and came across this roster for
Mrs. Judy's 4th Grade Class at Washington Grade School in Moline
1953-54. Many of these names look familiar as they went on to graduate in our class at MHS.  Others are lost in time.

Recently Tom Herbert sent this from the sports page of The Moline Daily Dispatch of quite a few years ago.  Tom was struck by the fact that Mike Warren is wearing a shirt with "Leathernecks" written on it.  Several others in the picture have passed on but this was taken when all was well with the Class of 1962 and we were proud of our accomplishments.

Rick Court was going through some old pictures from his younger days and came across these two gems.
Left photo shows Rick in the back and that's Gary Thornton in the hat.  Jim Wesenberg is in the middle.  Jerry Stoehr is left center and Dave Ekstam is in front.  Cool, old car in the background!


In the picture on the right is, back row, left to right, Dave Ekstam, Stewart Mott, and Rick.  In front, left to right are Lou Kerofsky and Jess Mendoza.  THANKS FOR THE PICTURES, RICK.

Going through some (very) old pictures I have in a shoebox I ran across this one of a group of Coolidge kids (MHS Class of '62) I remember taking down at Riverside Park in Moline.

From left is Sandy Blackburn, Skip Wilkerson, Nancy Swanson, Janet Johnson, Rich Kauzlarich, Dave Bybee, Vee Marsho, John Rassmussen, and Steve Hackendorf.  In front is Dave Hauman.
Here's another picture taken at the same event.

Here's an early Reunion Planning Committee.  Left to right is Linda (Wilt) Free, Andy Helgason, Rick Anderson, Sylvia (Olson) Anderson, Sharon (Hutton) Helgason, and Roger Free.  Estimating this is from 1982.

If you have any additions or changes to the names shown in the class picture above of Roosevelt's fifth grade in 1955, send the to  Thanks to Sharon Harrod Grant for sending this in.

In the picture below are the girls from Lincoln School, circa 1958-59.  LtoR Front Row: Mary Jane Sodeman, Donna Ronk, Linda Hall, and Diane Raub.  Row 2: Nancy Day, Margot Oberlander, Marcia Oberlander, and Virginia Johnson.  Row 3: Penny Amundsen, Pam Salmon, Twila Vinzant, and Barb Masengarb.

Back sometime in the 1950s several kids at Hamilton Grade School were busy making Valentine Day cards.  Wonder who got them!  L-R  Pam Saunders, Sylvia Olson, Woody Acord, Gordon Kinkead and Judy Streed.

CLASSMATES!!! If you find pictures of you with our MHS Class of 1962 Classmates you want to share, send them to me with a stamped, self addressed envelope like Rick Court did and I'll put them on this page and return them to you.

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