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Jon Schiewe

In lieu of a traditional obituary which Jon's family decided not to have, this site has put together this eulogy for Jon based on information from his Facebook profile and what Jon provided on this, our MHS Class of 1962 website.

Jon's life journey ended Monday afternoon, 9 April 2018, just four days short of his 74th birthday which was 13 April 1944.  Jon was proud of the fact that his birthday was on the anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's birth.  His parents were William and Mary Schiewe, both of whom predeceased Jon.
Jon attended Moline schools from kindergarten on and graduated with the class of 1962 from Moline High School.  He attended the University of Denver studying English and Philosophy and then attended the University of Denver's JD Law program successfully completing that work in 1971.
He was a Staff Counsel for St. Paul Insurance Companies from 1972 to 1983.  In 1983 he became an Associate of Samuel P. Delug in Los Angles, California.  From 1985 to 2004 he had his own "litigation practice" to which he added estate planning later in his career.
Jon was also the owner of The Tahoe Store from 1995 to 2007 and was a dealer for Harrah's Hotel Casino and Resort from 2003 to 2007.
Jon didn't stop working upon moving to Sarasota, Florida, his wife's hometown.  He and his wife became sales associates at Keller Williams on the Water in Sarasota, Florida and Jon, doing business as Jon Schiewe Trust Servies, set up living trusts.
Jon married Glenda Evers Pizzoferrato on 22 July 1978.  Between them they had three children and two grandchildren.  Daughter, Dr. Lisa Friberg, has. a dental clinic in Alaska with her husband.  They have two daughters.  Jon's son, Steve, lives in Portland, Oregon, and another son, Jeff, lives in Sarasota.
Jon was a loyal friend to many of his high school friends.  A memory-of-school comment he made on this website was, "Can you say Gluksteit (Glukstein?) malt liquor?  Followed by ping pong in the "rec"."  Someone in our class may know the meaning behind those comments!

One of the last things Jon said on his page on this web site was, "See you all in '22 for the 60th." 
Rest In Peace, Jon, loyal and faithful friend.

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04/10/18 05:48 PM #8    

Thomas L Magnuson

 I will miss Jon and have reconnected with him through this site over the past few years.  It has saddened me deeply hearing of his recent loss.  Jon was a very caring person and I could say he was a friend to all who knew him.  He will truly be missed and I wish his wife and family all the best in their time of sorrow.

04/10/18 07:01 PM #9    

Judith E Klockner (Johnson)

Dennis and I became close to Jon and Glenda living in Florida.  He was a man of many talents and interests.  His last career was as a million dollar sales agent with Keller Williams here in Sarasota.  He was also still a singer and sang in the annual performance of the Messiah.  He will truly be missed by Dennis and I. Judy Klockner Johnson.  

04/10/18 09:21 PM #10    

Eric J Gustavson

On a whim I reconnected by phone with Jon last year and we had fun sharing memories of football, choir and Operetta Workshop among other things. Jon was a talented performer. I remember him in The Taming of the Shrew and The Mikado especially. We had such wonderful opportunities at MHS both in sports and the Arts. Not surprising that Jon had a successful career and fulfilling life. It was shocking to hear of his stroke and untimely death. 

04/10/18 11:47 PM #11    

Bob Willis

I was VERY SORRY to learn early this morning of Jon's passing.  I shared a few classes with Jon, but most of all I remember Jon as a teammate on the Moline baseball team.  I remember his singing talents as Peggy mentioned.  Jon was an ambitious young man. I wish Jon & Glenda had been able to make it to the 55th Reunion.  I pray that Glenda & all of the family will be held closely by the God and all of their family & friends.   




04/11/18 07:56 AM #12    

Dr. Thomas A Herbert

Jon and I had a wonderful long weekend at St. George Island that was documented on the picture page of this site. We had long talks sitting in the beach chairs and going over the Iowa City HS game in 1961 and other sports bits. He told me of his law school and practice and he Nevada stint as a dealer and pit boss in a casino. He filled in the Coolidge side of the story in the early 1960s kind of the stuff you missed eventhough you lived it. He and Glenda retired to Sarasota and we were able to stop and have a meal on business trips to south Florida. It was a shock to open the email yesterday morning to hear of his passing. Woodie and I talked a couple times. You will be missed Jon.........



04/11/18 12:56 PM #13    

Russell D Howard

Even though Jon was a Coolidge guy, we John Deere guys jested with him on the Baseball team. He was outgoing, and persuasive which led to that successful life. Very sorry for his wife and family. As we all agree, he will be missed.

04/14/18 12:24 AM #14    

Karen Lootens (Chantry)

Further comment. I knew Jon had a stroke on March 28th. I had last communicated with him on thw 24th, and he was fine. He was encouraging me I almost died from DVT and PE. His death is a shock to me, and I will miss him.

04/14/18 01:12 PM #15    

Gay B Thompson (Vencill)

I met Jon in 7th grade at Coolidge and I think we were in the same homeroom through ninth grade.  The teachers always struggled with pronounciation of his last name and he always had to prounounce and spell it out for them.  It didn't take long for us all to be able to recite it ourselves!  Jon was a man of many talents.To think that he continued to use his beautiful voice for  the enjoyment of so many others throughout his lifetime is a marvelous legacy to leave behind.  Carol Wendell and I sat with Jon and Glenda at the 50th reunion and I think it was there I learned of the story where they catered their daughter's wedding and transported food from home to the wedding locale. Was it in Alaska maybe?  I've forgotten the destination, but they were indeed family people and a loving couple.  Rest in peace Jon.  

04/15/18 12:07 PM #16    

Cecil E Cady

i met jon at coolidge and we became good friends. he was a great guy.

04/17/18 12:03 PM #17    

Frank D Seydel

I don't remember if Jon and I were in the same class in first grade at Roosevelt Grade School.  But by second grade, Moline opened a new grade school, George Washington. Jon and I, being in the same neighborhood,  were in the same class from 2nd through 6th grade and were good friends.  Gay Thompson remembers that she and Jon were in the same home room at Coolidge Junior High.  Since I recall that Gay and I were in the same homeroom, that puts Jon in my homeroom also.  At any rate, although Jon's interests and mine diverged, we remained on good terms through high school graduation.  I last saw Jon at our 50th year high school graduation reunion, but unfortunately did not get to speak to him at length.  Rest in peace, Jon.

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