In Memory

Janet L Scholfield (Rajhert)

Deceased Classmate: Janet L Scholfield
Date Deceased: July-7-2009

Age at Death: 64
Cause of Death: Liver/Kidney complications
Classmate City: Clairmount
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA

Survived By: Ray Rajhert husband, Jeff (Karen) Ferreira, Doug (Wendy) Ferreira sons.  Six grandchildren (her pride and joy) Gerry and Marvin Scholfield brothers.  Aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Born to Philip and Jean (Parrot) Scholfield in Moline Illinois.  1962 Graduate of Moline High School.  Gave birth to two sons with Danny Ferreira.  Later married Ray Rajhert.  Janet moved to the San Diego area of California and worked in the travel industry, owning her own travel business for several years.   Trips to Hawaii and cruises were some of her pleasures in life.  Janet was very proud of her children and grandchildren.  She was a beacon of inspiration to many of us.  Janet was one of the original Western pioneers in our family but several followed over the years and were able to spend some wonderful days with Janet's beautiful smile and laugh.