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Louis W Ritchie
Residing In: Tucson, AZ USA
Occupation: retired
Children: Louis W. Ritchie Jr.
Adrian C. Ritchie
Kelan J. Ritchie


Courtney More…Ritchie
Kendal Ritchie
Bryce Ritchie
Kiya Ritchie
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I'm a proud father and grandfather of (3) sons and (4) grandchildren: Three of my grandchildren are honor students.

My grandson Bryce, won the American Legion Award, Burt Ringquiest Male Athlete Award, Highest G.P.A (Grade Point Average) Award, as an 8th grader at John Deere Jr. High School and is a honor student. Bryce is now an honor student as a Junior at Moline High School with a 4.0 G.P.A. My granddaughter Kiya is now an honor student at John Deere Jr. high school with a 4.0 G.P.A. My grandson Kendal became a member of the National honor society and will be attending the University of Iowa this fall on a academic scholarship. I'm also proud of my oldest granddaughter Courtney, who plans on finishing up college. I think they all got their brains from my X-wife, Carolyn, who passed away, June 29th 2009. Carolyn, was not only a beautiful woman, but was a very smart and devoted woman toward the family. I will always love and respect her, and remember the happy times we shared together. All three of my sons excelled in basketball, and track & field at Alleman and/or Rock Island high school. My oldest son, Louis Jr. still holds Alleman high school records in sprinting. My eldest son Adrian, is currently the sophomore girls coach at Moline High School, and has been a winning coach for several years. He also once played (ONE ON ONE) against the great hall of fame basketball player (Dr.J) Julius Erving at a basketball camp. My youngest son Kelan, is currently a (Director Of Admissions) at Palmer College in Davenport, Ia. He played basketball at Augustana College and University of Detroit. I last moved to Arizona in 1987 and have now made Arizona my permanent resident. I'm also proud to be an Uncle to my sister (Merrikay Banks) youngest son (Tavian Banks) who excelled in football at Bettendorf High School, and the University of Iowa, and was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football league. I'm extremely proud of my cousin Deval Patrick, who became the second African American Governor in United States History, and currently Governor of Massachusetts!

School Story:

I Won the state championship in the 440 yard dash for Moline High School and set a school record, in 1962 of 49 flat. (We ran on cinder tracks in those days). I also was a member of the winning state championship Mile Relay team for Moline High School, with my oldest brother Henry, in 1960. My brother and I were also members of Moline High School's first State Championship team in any sports, in school History in 1960. As of this letter dated (5-17-2012) I was the last male student to win a individual state title in Track & Field for Moline High School, since 1962. I received a track scholarship and competed in track and field at Tennessee State University and Northeast Missouri State Teacher's College which allowed me to continue my track career after High School. While at Tennessee State, I anchored the 4x400 meter relay and was timed in 46.43 seconds (on a cinder track)! Our relay time was the fastest time for freshman in the nation in 1963. I met Jesse Owens in 1960 when he came and spoke at our banquet, after Moline High School won the state championship in Track & Field.

My athletic career started out as a boxer in the silver gloves in my younger years.

My athletic career in track & field, started out at Frances Willard Grade school, and John Deere Jr. High as a High Jumper. My nickname in Jr. high school, was (LEAPING LOUIE) because of my jumping ability. In 9th grade, I won the city high jump championship, by leaping over my height of 5'6'' and winning with a jump of 5' 6 1/4". Andy Helgason, and Sid Anders also tied with me for 1st. place. I owe most of my credit in sports to Gene Shipley, my high school track coach. I love coach Shipley, for making me keep my focus, and strive to be the best I could be, in Track & Field

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Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for Raymond L Kelso.
Jul 11, 2020 at 3:26 AM

Ray Kelso reminds me of the famous saying; (Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog)!! Ray wasn't very big, but man was he tough as nails on the football field! I met Ray in Junior high school in 7th grade at John Deere.  One of the nicest guys you ever wanted to meet! He excelled in both football and track. I wish I could have stayed in touch more after we graduated from high school but he lived on opposite sides of the country.  May he rest in peace! 

Love you Ray

May 31, 2019 at 6:30 PM

I haven't forgot the time you throw some liquid soap in my eyes, during a shower I was taking at John Deere Jr. high school, I think my eyes are still burning!

Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for James A. Jamieson.
Dec 08, 2018 at 4:33 PM

If I had a chance to relive my days in high school, I would definitely take time to go watch Jim Jamieson play golf. I became a good friend of Jim, when he always seemed to never miss any of my track meets. It's sad that golf and tennis,didn't get the recognition it should have in high school because we really missed out on some fantastic golf played by the likes of both Jim Jamieson and Jim Simon If I remember right, Jim Jamieson was also a very good pool player. I always loved Jim Jamieson, may he RIP

Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for James A Cunningham.
May 15, 2018 at 8:33 PM

I first became aware of Jim Cunningham, way back in Jr. High School, when I was at John Deere Jr. high school, and Jim was an athlete at Coolidge Jr. high school.  I remeber how dominate Jim was in football and especially Track & Field.  Jim was so dominate in Track in Jr. High School, I didn't belong on the same track with him. In Jr. High School, Jim was running the 440 yard dash in under 54 seconds, and I couldn't even break 60 seconds as an 9th grader. Jim was so dominate in Track in Jr. High School and so far  ahead of everybody, he use to go work out with the high school athletes, coached by the great Gene Shipley. I admired Jim so much, I remember telling my brother Henry (who was a junior at that time in High School) and Gene Shipley, that I wanted run like Jim Cunningham. So during my sophomore year in high school, Jim went out for football, and I went out for cross country. I told Gene Shipley, that I wanted to run like Jim Cunningham in the 440 yard dash, and try and make the mile relay team, when track season came around. To make a long story short, I made the mile relay team, along with Jim Cunningham, Ken Carlson, and my brother Henry. As most people know, our mile relay team won the state championship in 1960 and as a result, Moline won it's first state championship in school history, along with many other athletes on Moline's Track and Field team at that time. Gene Shipley had Jim Cunningham run first leg on our mile relay time, because he knew, Jim was one of those rare athletes, that had the upmost fight in him, and he would be a really big boost to start our relay off. Jim, I considered, the (spark plug) of our mile relay, because he always gave our mile relay team the spark that we needed to lead from the front. All myself, Ken Carlson, and my brother Henry (whose ran anchor leg) had to do, was hold on to the lead that Jim Cunningham provided for us. Any sucess I had in Track & Field, I owe to Jim Cunningham, because he was the one I admired so much in Jr. High School, to the point I worked hard in cross country to be a part of the mile relay.  I was extremly sadden when I heard the news of the passing of Jim Cunningham, and will always remember him in my prayers. (MAY HE REST IN PEACE)!

Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for Michael R Romanowski.
Oct 10, 2015 at 4:33 PM

I met Mike at John Deere Jr. high school. Mike and I had a situation in Jr. High School, another situation in high school, a different situation at Black Hawk College, and a memory situation after our college days.


I never told Mike this, but one thing I always envied Mike about, was his beautiful had writing! Mike wrote left handed, and he had the most beautiful hand writing I’ve ever seen! Most people wouldn't think, that a rough and tough football player, could write so elengently! I was also happy to see Mike succeed in his business career.  May he (RIP)


Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for Glen H Johnson.
Jun 21, 2015 at 12:32 AM

Glen Johnson is the reason I never went out for baseball! One day I was standing at bat, and Glen threw me a curve ball! It was my first experience actually seeing a curve ball. I swung and missed the ball by a mile! I knew then, that baseball was not my sport! Glen will be surely missed.

Louis W Ritchie has left an In Memory comment for Raymond L Kelso.
Jun 21, 2015 at 12:32 AM

Ray Kelso for his size, was one of the tuffest guys I ever met! May he rest in peace!

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It must be nice to be 67 going on 32, LOL

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